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Are you a fan of music?

Music is everywhere. You often find it when you least expect it. You also find it seeping into your train of thought when you least expect it. JizzyPearl.com is looking for people who have an avid interest in the world of music. We need people who have an inherent curiosity about the processes behind the creation, production, release, and performance of music!

Are you a Jizzy Pearl fan?

While data is everywhere on the internet, the retention of details and retelling of events by true fans cannot be duplicated. Most information on the web can come off as detached. We’re trying to change all that. We’re down for the people who can give us personal discussions about Jizzy Pearl and his long career. If you’ve followed Jizzy Pearl’s career from the start, this website could really use hearing your tales.

Are you gifted with words?

Words and their utilization is an art form in itself. As such, we understand that not everyone can do it and we know for a fact that our skills may not be up to snuff. If you’ve got a way with words and can make prose flow like beer on tap, we’re got space for you.

JizzyPearl.com is looking for Contributors!

If you answered yes to more than one question above, then you may want to seriously consider being a contributor for this website. If you think you’d want to be a rocking contributor, you can reach us at 860-274-2822.