Blog10 - Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 4

Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 4

Join the conclusion of the birth of the band Love/Hate as told by the very same Jizzy Pearl. Today, we delve into success and its subsequent misadventures.

The Cash Tour

After deciding on the cover, everything seemed to be covered in the color green. The band got a huge merchandizing deal. Skid managed to land a great publishing deal—the zeros on that thing was no joke. Everyone in the band a piece of that and Jizzy got his share to $20,000.

The band went on to start their tour—a real one—not the weird show they did down in Mexico. The band hit the road to promote Blackout and all four of them promptly got wasted by the attention. Jizzy describes how the spent as screwing everything they met, getting some drinks in, and screwing some more. The epitome of the Rockstar lifestyle on the road!

tour1 - Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 4

Love/Hate opened up for DIO on their tour and while they were not the sort of sound or band that DIO’s fans were into, it was still a 5,000-seater arena! Jizzy claims that this time on the road with the band helped to mature them all slowly (even with the hedonism in play).

Love/Hate in their touring suddenly found themselves in the midst of an adoring fan base in the UK—to this day a majority of their following is in the UK. Jizzy didn’t quite understand why they were so big there. He even postulated that maybe it was because of their booze lyrics or weird stage show. It could have also been because of their sarcastic take on life. Whichever it was, it worked and continues to work today (which is why Jizzy had a tour here). Everyone wanted a piece of Jizzy, the press, the shows—something that he says that Joey and Jon were not too pleased about.

tour2 - Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 4

The Return

After their UK tour, the band came back home and went to start on their second album. Something that was met with a lot of struggle since Sony decided to play a more active role in the creation of the album. They outright rejected the first batch of songs that the band sent. While Skid was doing the writing, Joe and Jizzy were responsible for a lot of the quality control regarding the songs.

If they weren’t, a lot of the fan loved songs would have ended up in an entirely different way. The band went to NY to record the second album where a lot of friction occurred. The band finished recording and went back home where the label thought they had “gone soft”. What follows are all but legendary “biting the hand that feeds you” moments that the band will be sort of known for.

The End…?

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