Blog9 - Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 3

Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 3

The third part of the Love/Hate story as told by Jizzy Pearl’s own words. Come in to see the point where things “turned” for the band.

The Deal

It was the spring of 1988 and the band seemed like they’ve pretty much gone through everything negative. Bad gigs, bad managers, bad performances, drunkenness—the works! The band was broke but band member Skid never faltered and wrote up a fresh batch of songs which will end up being most of the songs for their album “Blackout”.

Jizzy has primarily attributed much of their initial success to the Whisky “Bozo Jam”. At the time when bands would have to do the legwork and sell their own tickets to secure a spot to play, the Bozo Jam went on a different path. Louis, the amazing manager of Whisky, came up with the bright idea to capitalize on the fact that Monday was a usually slow day for the establishment.

Whisky would grant free entrance, several bands would get to play short sets using the same gear in order to save a lot of time. The band’s first gig wasn’t anything to write home about. It was practically empty but the band did not feel the pressure as it was FREE.

tour - Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 3

Word started to spread and soon attendance became packed and the band got more gigs. It was around December of that same year when Love/Hate performed before a huge crowd that had record people in attendance. After the show, one Ron Oberman of Columbia introduces himself and compliments Jizzy for his performance.

With the help of Dennis, the magic lawyer, the band brokered a deal and signed a deal with a $100,000 advance for the band. The next stop was of course: CELEBRATION MODE. Jizzy went on to express that this was the time when he felt truly vindicated for all the crap that the band had to live through in the past few years. All the grit and frustration of watching just about every other band get signed on except them.

Jizzy says that Jon wasn’t quite happy with the advance—saying that they deserved more. Jizzy was just too happy and just outright incredulous that Jon would still find a dark cloud behind the bright silver lining. The band jetted off to Hawaii for a grand celebration.

Of course, life has a way of screwing you over. Remember the three-year contract toxic manager? He hears of the band’s success and tries to get in on the proceeds. He sues the band and the band sues him back and they eventually settled out of court.

The Cover

On to the good stuff! As any band could come to expect from their record label, there will be conflict. The label wanted to try different gimmicks or styles with Love/Hate—particularly when it came to their album cover. As it turns out, it’s Skid who painted a portrait and Jizzy cut out some letters that formed “Love/Hate” and put that on top of the image. That’s how the cover came to be.

To Be Concluded…

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