Blog8 - The Great Jizzy Forum Announcement and Other Things

The Great Jizzy Forum Announcement and Other Things

Having an opinion is one thing. Getting the opinions of others is even better. Without further ado, let’s talk about the Jizzy Pearl Forum! Ever since the internet came to be (probably when the last of the dinosaurs were dropping dead somewhere), people found it quite entertaining to post their thoughts and opinions online.

If any performer or celebrity was smart enough, they’d capitalize on that fact in order to build their brand further. After all, there’s nothing quite like getting information off of your fan base. They’ll be the first ones to tell you how much they love (or hate) your new thing. This is important if you’re currently in the process of trying new things.

After all, your fan base is what you’re relying in to score the money—get it?

So anyway, in the earlier incarnations of this website, there’s always been a forum. It had a pretty sweet run. People came in to dump their love or their hate—whatever, it was glorious. Of course if you guys are going to be part of it, at least “try” to be respectful of the other members in the forum. While dumping hate can be a normal occurrence, anyone who is outright spouting hate speech or is threatening will get the ban hammer. The Rock Gods do not tolerate that level of stupidity so do not even try.

You guys can expect the forum to pop up somewhere in the future (or not) who knows? Live in suspense!

guitar - The Great Jizzy Forum Announcement and Other Things

May UK Tour

If you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t catch the big announcements last year, here’s a quickie reminder that Jizzy Pearl will be touring the UK next month. Here are the dates and locations:

May 2: Bannermans, Edinburgh
May 3: Think Tank, New castle
May 4: Real Time Live, Chesterfield
May 5: Slade Room, Wolverhampton
May 6: Fuel, Cardiff
May 9: Bullingdon, Oxford
May 10: Ironroad, Evesham
May 11: Tivoli, Buckley
May 12: Diamond Rock Club, Ballymena
May 13: Camden Underworld, London
May 16: Face Bar, Reading
May 17: Waterfront, Norwich
May 18: Pure, Wigan
May 19: Audio, Glasgow
May 20: Snooty Fox, Wakefield

There you guys have it! The former Love/Hate frontman will be returning to the UK where his band has seen a cult following and massive success. You’ll be doing yourself a solid by checking out the ticket availabilities for your chosen venue ASAP before they run out.

Blog6 - A Closer Look at Jizzy Pearl the Author

A Closer Look at Jizzy Pearl the Author

Jizzy Pearl is more than just your average long-lived Rockstar! Today, we take a look at the books that’s he’s published through the years. What most people don’t quite realize about Jizzy is that he branches out and is quite hands-on in other projects that promote his brand.

After trying his hand out at blogs and realizing that his fans (and haters) were quite interested in what he had to say, he decided to try his hand out at publishing his thoughts. Here are some of his literary gems that provide a deeper insight into the brash musician.

book1 - A Closer Look at Jizzy Pearl the Author

I Got More Crickets than Friends

Published in 1999, most people had believed that this was a bio of sorts. Instead, they were treated to a humorous look into the world of Jizzy Pearl. His anecdotes on misadventures and his rants are pretty much an unexpected combination of wit and gritty frankness. Most people that did not buy this book when it first came out have come to realize what a gem it actually is.

Fans and haters alike weren’t able to deny the solid laughs that his creatively developed retelling of events delivered. I Got More Crickets than Friend enjoyed a good print run and was eventually turned into an e-book.

Angst for the Memories

A follow up to his first book yet a different treat altogether. This book was released when Jizzy was the vocalist of Ratt. This particular book is a 25 short story compilation born from Pearl’s creative mind. Angst for the Memories is chock full of extremely frank and hilarious pieces of fiction.

Some have gone on to describe the first story entitled “DEATH=JOB=DEATH” as something akin to the earliest works of Mr. Stephen King himself. From each piece you can gleam snippets of what it’s like to be on the road. The many different hotel rooms and people you come across. It’s a good look into the “Rockstar lifestyle” with Pearl’s own brand of humor.

book2 - A Closer Look at Jizzy Pearl the Author

Unhappy Endings

Published in 2011, this is the third book that Jizzy Pearl has shared with the world. This book still carries the dark humor that Pearl is famous for. He carries on with twinges of fiction in this book. He’ll take you right into the midst of the partying, the drugs, and endless parades of girls.

Be forewarned that these tails are not for the feint of heart. Be prepared to delve into some pretty shocking stories that involve anal, an unhinged kitten killer, and groupies that are well into their old age.

This reverie is borne of the many years of stardom and tours. Reviews have called the short stories “hard to put down” and as something that you breeze though without intending to. Jizzy has released this book along with his previous written works in digital format. So you can get it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even for Kindle!

If you want to grab your own copies, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, give us a holler as 860-274-2822.