Blog2 - Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 1

Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 1

Love/Hate has quite a history to its tale. Today, we try to scratch the surface a little and use the words of Jizzy Pearl himself to see how the band came to be.

What is Love/Hate?

If you aren’t familiar with Love/Hate, you’re missing out on a LOT. This band had a rather rocky start. Ask anyone in the music business and they will tell you how much of it all is pretty much 24/7 cutthroat competition. It’s not something that anyone with a weak spine will live through. Every band pretty much needed to be on call with all their stuff—including guitar amps for practice.

live - Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 1

If there was anything Love/Hate had in spades, it was a lot of spine. They started out as a band named Data Clan—something that almost made it big but took the wrong gamble at the wrong time. Jizzy had mentioned that while he wasn’t yet part of the band, he was very good friends with the manager at the time. The band was getting some offers for record deals but the then vocalist thought that the standing offers weren’t enough. As such, he had the “brilliant” idea to have a huge event wherein the crème de la crème of record labels of LA would be invited. He had hoped to start a bidding war to drive up the offers.

However, what history will tell you is that talent isn’t the primary ingredient to success in the music industry. It’s more about timing. Needless to day, the plan had backfired and now no one wanted to offer the band anything. To recuperate their morale, the manager had the band packed up to play six weeks in Japan. However, for his own personal reasons, the vocalist up and left with 2 weeks to go. The band left Japan in disgrace and along comes Jizzy Pearl to join the band.

The band had moved in together in a warehouse and tried their hand making things work. Jizzy Pearl had stated that they weren’t at all musically compatible with his vocal range being a tenor and the rest being baritone. The band was constantly struggling with making ends meet—with band member Joey’s parents stepping in to fund the band whenever their utilities were about to get cut. They tried their hand at the glam rock scene and sadly did not make it through to the industry. Jizzy Pearl had shared several anecdotes through the years of having to go out dressed like a woman.

 They did, however, had a tour down in Mexico—which was a tad disastrous—with centavos, bottles, and small rocks being hurled at the band and even an unfortunate concussion incident involving a rude fan and an overzealous roadie. It was in 1986 that Data Clan had officially transitioned into Love/Hate. Breaking away from the glam rock thing, they tried their hand at the whole British gothic style.

The band went through some ups and downs which included a crazy manager which signed them up for a three-year contract and turned them into a toxic subject for record labels everywhere.

To be continued…

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