Blog4 - Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 2

Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 2

Today, we continue to explore the origins and struggles of the band Love/Hate through Jizzy Pearl’s unique perspective.

The Story Continues…

We last ended the tale with the subject of a manager that Jizzy describes to be an outright drunken and psychotic mess which tied the band down with a three-year managerial contract. What Jizzy and the band did not know at the time was that Mr. 3-year manager was pretty much a fraud. He harassed record label executives and their secretaries with obscenities when they didn’t answer right away or why they had not signed “his band” yet. He would be obnoxiously pushy with the demos of the band.

The band was completely in the dark and did not realize that the market they wanted to hard to break into was slowly but steadily growing to hate them—worse, laugh at them. It was a downright mess. Then it came to the point when Mr. 3-year manager started billing the band for his “services”. This included his wife’s lunches or his kid’s new drum set, and pretty much anything that he had attributed to “making the band work”.

If you’re wondering why the band got themselves into such a position to begin with, Jizzy says that when you’re a young band and you’re desperate, you go with what’s handed to you. The thirst for success is so strong that it completely blinds you to everything else. The band made a rather costly move and it will continue to haunt them in their latter successes.

sadf - Scratching the Surface of Love/Hate pt. 2

It was in the year 1987 when the band had to take a long hard look at their status as a band. They were now pretty much a laughing stock to the music industry thanks to their “manager” and they still weren’t making any money. So what did the band do next?

They shrugged it all off and kept going. Jizzy calls such a move the best sort of advice he can give to any band: JUST KEEP GOING. Around this time bands like Guns N Roses, Faster Pussycat and others were making it big on the strip. Love/Hate collectively felt extreme frustration yet smiled and congratulated the other bands that made it. See, you definitely needed a strong spine to survive the music world?

This does not mean, however, that everything was all harmonious with the band. There would be times when Jon was notorious for his flakiness. Jon would constant be late or not bother to show up to rehearsals. The band brought on Tracy G. to “shake him up”. It seemed to work—for a couple of weeks. Tracy shortly quit over Jon (and his attitude).

On a personal note, JIzzy said this year was the year that truly turned things around for him. After viewing his horrendously drunk performance when they were opening up for LA Guns, Jizzy realized that he needed to clean up his performances. No more drunken rants on stage.

The following year, the band got signed on with Columbia and more funky things went down.

To Be Continued…

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