Blog7 - Learn From the Best: Got a Band? Here are Some Tops Mistakes to Avoid

Learn From the Best: Got a Band? Here are Some Tops Mistakes to Avoid

Having a band is a pretty great thing. It’s not something that just anyone can do. If you’re lucky enough to be part of one, learn from the best and take in these top mistakes you need to avoid!

Signing the dotted line too quickly

Paperwork can be the death of your band if you’re not careful. There are lots of bands out there that want to be signed, this is true. That has always been the game as far back as the 80s and it’s still the same now. When Love/Hate first started out, the members got blinded by the thirst to succeed that they made some pretty bad decisions.

One of them was to sign a three-year contract with a good for nothing manager that ended up suing them for a part of the band’s earning that he did not contribute to in the least. When you’re a young band starting out, don’t be too quick to jump the gun regarding any Joe that invites you to their place so you can look at their gold and platinum records. For all you know, those could be there simply because they ran coke for some big band back in the day.

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NOT using your Social Media

Social Media! What any rock band would have given to have this ditty back in the day! Self-promotion is a great thing. Back then this would have meant printing out fliers, standing in corners, and just praying that people actually showed up to your gig. Now, you lucky bastards have self-promotion at the tips of your fingers.

One to the best ways to build your brand is to advertise yourself through your social media. Post clips of songs. Post videos of old performances. Share personal stories. Share updates on tracks or albums. Create events. Use social media to find events you can be part of. Test how warm the waters are by asking your fans questions.

The possibilities are endless and FREE. We cannot put enough emphasis on the FREE part. It’s a pretty sweet hack that you’d be a special kind of stupid to not take advantage of.

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NOT having a kickass vocalist

People who can play an instrument well can be a nice concept but it’s the vocalist that makes 80% of the impression. It doesn’t matter if you’ve all been buddies since you were in diapers, if they don’t have it—they never will. They can try to go take voice lessons or whatever but if the Rock Gods just aren’t into it, you need to let go.

Unless you’re trying to be a jazz band, then you really should look into finding a kickass vocalist to draw attention to your band in the right way. Since we are in the age of social media, you can trust people to have pretty damn short attention spans. If they don’t feel your vocalist, there’s a big chance they’re not going to listen to the rest of song—no matter how great the rest of the band plays their instruments.

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