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Music is a community that will only survive if everyone pitches in to support it. This is something that we feel rather strongly about. With the ways of getting the word out about your product, event, or band constantly changing, it would be great to have a constant piece of the internet dedicated for you. is open to hosting your ads!

Why go with online advertising?

Online advertising might be a fairly young concept but the results of that particular venture are very real and very effective. Almost everyone on the planet has access to a mobile device that they use to search for pretty much anything. Ads, when made well can lead to client engagements. Those engagements can turn into potential sales for a business, attendees for an event, and fans for a band or artists.

What kind of online ads do we run? has a variety of options that you can choose from:

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When you have dinner, you don’t just get to the main course—you frill it up with appetizers and sides. That way, it’s more enticing. That’s what sponsored content can do for you. Our talented writers can do what they do best and make you shine.


Banner ads can run in several locations and you’ll be free to choose the size as well. Banners are one of the most common forms of online advertising. Don’t knock something that works!

If you’re open to running ads here…

Don’t keep that information to yourself! Send us a holler at 860-274-2822.